Multi-Hand Hold’Em High Gold Table Game

It’s hard to say whether Microgaming is known more for its casino games, its video slots, or its table games. Fans of each type of game will be quick to say that their particular flavor is where it’s at, and they will have a point. Microgaming after all has a long track record for excellence in all of its releases and it is safe to say that wherever your tastes lie, Microgaming will have something that can fit the bill.
That being said, with the release of Multi-Hand Hold’Em High Gold table game, it seems that the table game category of Microgaming is set to gain a slight edge over its other offerings. Multi-Hand Hold’Em High Gold is a casino poker game that is as sophisticated as it is innovative. This is only one title in the already famous range of Microgaming Gold series table casino games, and already it has the potential to be a crowd-pleasing favorite.
As with all of the games in the Microgaming Gold series, Multi-Hand Hold’Em High Gold is a perfect blend of cutting edge technology and classic casino style game play. This combination ensures that there is enough of the familiar table game action to attract long time players, yet there are enough innovative features included to keep this a worthy contender to the casino games arena for a long time to come. What all of this translates into is a truly fresh and unique take on the familiar casino poker game that you already know and love, with plenty of high quality graphics and amazing sound effects in abundance. The action is also remarkably fast and smooth, and combined with a generous pay table and the opportunity to make side bets, makes high limit Hold’Em High Gold a poker game for the future.
As you may have already guessed from the name, Multi-Hand Hold’Em High Gold allows you to play with up to 5 hands–although it is also possible to play with only a single hand–all of which allow you to make side bets. If you luck out and get a Royal Flush, you can win a huge payback of 500 to 1 on the ante and call/raise bet, and there is a further possible maximum of 50:1 on the side bet. This means that if you play the 7 card version of the game, you can stand to win up to 75000.00 plus another 2500.00 on the side bets! Chip sizes can range from 1.00 to 50.00–which is unlimited–and you can also use mixed chip stacks. In a brilliant and innovative stroke of genius, these stacks are automatically resized in order to make up the sum total of your bet with the least possible number of chips.
This review of Multi-Hand Hold’Em High Gold wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the “look”? of the game. With excellent player views, a host of animated icons, chips and cards, this game is truly a feast for the eyes. All of these elements combine to make Multi-Hand Hold’Em High Gold a poker game that is truly like no other.